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`Apopudobalia´ oder: Fußball im Altertum


Entnommen aus:
Der neue Pauly. Enzyklopädie der Antike. Hg. v. Hubert Cancik. Stuttgart 1996ff. Bd. 1, Sp. 895.

Die folgende Kurzrezension ist entnommen: 
"The Petronian Society Newsletter. Bd. 28 (1998)". 
Internet: http://chss2.montclair.edu/classics/Petronius/PSN98.html
by B.P. Reardon and G. Schmeling 

Mischa Meier (Bochum) who writes the article "Apopudobalia" in Der Neue Pauly: Enzyklopädie der Antike (Stuttgart 1996) I 895, makes six serious mistakes in a short article. Meier does not recognize Achilleus Taktikos as the novelist Achilles Tatius (name simply misspelled); though the novel deals with homosexuality, it is not usually referred to as Gymnastika; no one (not even a seriously deranged classicist) would date Achilles Tatius to the 4th century B.C. (responsible classicists date him to the late 2nd century A.D.); frag. 3 is really not a fragment but a papyrus fragment; Meier seems ignorant of one of the most famous ball games in antiquity in the Hist. Ap. Reg. Tyr. 13, marvelously misunderstood by H. Gillmeister, Stad. 7, 1981, 19-51; finally no citation of frescoes from Vindolanda in the heart of north country ball games. For the proper introduction of controversial items into the Classics bibliography, we point Meier to the succinct yet magisterial "Monica," by Rudolf Schweik (Strelsau) in Erotica Antica, ed. B.P. Reardon (Bangor 1977) 173-178. 

Die folgende Replik ist entnommen: 
"The Petronian Society Newsletter. Bd. 29 (1999)". 


by Wolfgang Hübner 

The article “Apopudobalia (Apopoudobalía)” in Der neue Pauly I (1996), 895, written by M. Meier is a pleasant joke, which provoked another example for the statement that “The History of Petronian scholarship is many times more [...] hilarious, than the Satyricon itself” (K.F.C. Rose, The Petronian Inquisition: an Auto-da-fe, Arion 5, 1966, 275). B.P. Reardon and G. Schmeling take Meier’s article picking up “six serious mistakes” seriously in a short note in: The Petronian Society Newsletter, vol. 28 nos. 1 & 2 (May 1998), 14. The title “Misdating in Der Neue Pauly” already manifests the main mistake and refers to the novelist Achilles Tatius. Meier had invented the “Gymnastika des Achilleus Taktikos”. The authors criticise that Achilles Tatius (“name simply misspelled”) has been misdated to the 4th century B.C. instead of 2nd century A.D. They do not recognize that the German scholar combined deliberately1 the Greek writer of strategical matter, Aineias Taktikos (4th century B.C.: see ultimately A. Schürmann, Metzler Lexikon antiker Autoren, Stuttgart-Weimar 1997, 9f.) and the better known novelist Achilles Tatius (2nd century A.D.) substituting Achilleus, the prómacos of the Greeks in the homeric Iliad, to whose namesake was praised by Virgil as the legendary founder of Rome. By this joke he combined physical power with strategical tactics translating the realm of war into that of Apopoudobalía

1 Whereas another confusion has not been intended by G. L. Schmeling -- J. H. Stuckey, A Bibliography of Petronius, Leiden 1977 (Mnemosyne suppl. 39), 218 s. v. "Heinse (Heinsius), ed. & tr.": here the famous Dutch Latinist Nicolaas Heinsius (1620-1681) has been confused with the German poet Johann Jakob Wilhelm Heinse (1746-1803).

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