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How to order an article

Mediaevum lists tables of contents (TOCs) of periodicals in order to facilitate the research for literature related to medieval German and Latin studies, but we are not in a position to supply you directly with copies of articles. If you need to order one of the referenced articles, please try one of the following ways:

Even outside of the German speaking countries you can expect the major university libraries to hold most of the listed journals. The complete and exact title of the journal you need for an order is given in the headline of our TOC files.
You can find links to OPACs of libraries in Europe and the USA at BiblInt.

Or try a title search (for the title of the journal!) at the Digitale Bibliothek of HBZ Nordrhein-Westfalen. You will have access to electronic catalogues of several international libraries.

If you have no access to a university library:
Direct delivery (with charges) of a paper or electronic copy can be ordered at the German library document delivery service Subito.

Short guide to the use of Subito

The following short guide is to demonstrate a typical Subito search and order for an article. The screenshots mean to illustrate the most important steps.

Ahead of your first order you have to register with Subito. After that you can login and begin with your search.

In the shown search screen at Subito, enter the name of the journal into the "Freetext" field,
or, even more convenient,
if we provide an ID-Nr. in the head of our TOC files, using the "Other" selection you may set the search field to "Document ID" and enter the particular given Id-Nr. into the next field as shown.

Then press "SEARCH".

If you are searching for the name, you will be shown a list of similar catalogue entries, out of which you have to locate and select the one you are looking for. If you are searching for the Document ID instead, you will be presented with the "right" journal and its stock data directly.

In the stock view as shown below you may then locate a library with holdings of the desired volume of the journal. In the "Stock details" column you are given the issue numbers and corresponding years of publication.

You may place your order with any one of the libraries that make this offer. After clicking the "Order" link you have to specify the bibliographical data of the required article on the following screen:

If possible, fill in the complete page numbers, i.e. the beginning and ending pages. If you don't know the number of the last page, you must also fill in the name of the author and the title of the article. Then "procced with order". Finally you will be asked for your delivery preferences (electronic delivery or postal delivery). Here is a list of the (moderate) charges Subito takes for its delivery service.

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